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Wedding Planning Tips

excerptsOne of my favorite parts during my whole wedding planning was the decor planning process! It was probably the only thing that kept me grounded through all of the stress that was going on around me from searching for vendors or people that felt like they had a “say ” in our wedding. This was my little get away to be creative and to have fun when other things drove me crazy haha.

I was the bride that wanted to do it all. The Silverbrook Farm was one of those venue’s where any bride can do her own thing and make it her own. I don’t know how many brides can actually say that they setup their own wedding reception lol. It was a lot of work and it took 2 days to do but everything came together in the end with the help of our friends in family.

For all of you brides out their this is why shooting the reception “Untouched” is so worth it!


My husband for putting up with ALL of my crazy ideas, sewing all of the barn curtains & napkin linens, putting my table numbers together, & transporting all of my decor back and forth from our house in Frederick for me!

My sister Missy for doing a ton of work, making all of the decor organize for me, & helping me with everything else!

Trevor (Missy’s boyfriend)- For concurring your fears and hanging all of our white handmade curtains from a 30 foot ladder!

Our groomsman Derek for hanging all of our gold frames for us.

My Amazing Florist Rachel from Floral & Bloom Design for all of our floral arrangements!

My cousins Drue & Dean for helping us iron our white table linens and giving us their honest opinions!

The photos below were captured by our talented photographers from Stephanie Fay Photography.

Center Pieces

There’s literally so many creative things brides can do for center pieces now a days without breaking the bank. With the help of Pinterest and hundreds of Wedding blogs out there your tables deserve so much more then just a floating candle in a vase with fake flowers. Give your tables some style and uniqueness! You’re allowed to get creative because its YOUR wedding day. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and make your decor personal. If you’re on a budget and don’t have a ton of money to spend on decor, I truly understand. Most of the stuff below I either made or collected everything from thrift stores, flea markets, rummage sales and some things I even got for free. I actually bought my burlap squares and white table linens because it was cheaper then renting them.

Milk glass Vases-Thrift stores& flea markets
Birdcages- Craigslist
Paint- Home Depot & Loews
Candle Stick with vintage bowls- Dollar tree and thrift store’s
Table Numbers, Door knobs, Stands, spanish moss- Hobby Lobby
Tea Pots-Vinatge store
Gold frames-For free and I bought gold paint from ACE Hardware
Fabric for napkin linens- Joanns Fabric & Walmart
Mismatched china plates-Thrift stores, flea markets, rummage sales & craigslist
Cameras, clock, nick nacks- For free and collected from thrift stores.
Burlap squares-
White Table Linens-

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Our Head Table

As a photographers stand point, the head table or sweetheart table should be done up to the fullest even if your other tables aren’t. This was the table that I spent the most time on because every detail was carefully thought out and planned. I decorated and laid out everything that you see on the head table except for the florals.

Forks & Knives-Rummage sale
Bride & Groom forks & Knives-
Park Lane glasses-Etsy
Gold candle sticks-thrift store
Tea light candle holders-Dollar tree
Chairs-Rummage sale and home depot paint
Bride & Groom signs-Free wood that I cut

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Rob and I were the only ones that had the same plates.

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I made custom tags for everyone at the table and bought all of the vintage glasses from Etsy.View More:

One of the finishing touches was the succulent cuttings that I put on each of the plates

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My husband sewed the barn curtains.View More: More: More:

I love my bride and groom chairs that I made. I cut pieces of fabric and tied them on to it. I actually use one of my chairs as my office chair right now lol.View More:

Other Ideas

Center Piece ideas from my favorite wedding blogs.

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