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The Workshop Experience

Last September I got to attend my first wedding workshop!! This was a full 2-DAY in home workshop with 12 attendees hosted by my favorite photographer, Katelyn James! This is a photographer that has inspired me in more ways than she can ever imagine. I knew when I invested in HER workshop that it was going to change my ENTIRE business however what I didn’t realize was that this experience would also change me as a person!

A little back story as to why this workshop meant so much to me and also because I like to write lot!….

When I first moved to Virginia Beach in 2011 to be with Rob and start to pursue the idea of wedding photography, it wasn’t too long until I came across Katelyn’s blog. Now VA has some seriously talented photographers, more so than any other state in my opinion but there was just something different about Katelyn’s work and the way she presented herself in such a giving way to others that I knew I was witnessing something much greater than beautiful photos. She blogs all about her life, her faith, challenges and blessings along the way of being a bride, a wife, a business owner and how she became the photographer she is today.

But the BIGGEST thing was that she also marketed her blog to other photographers and was willing to share such helpful advice in hopes of helping others learn to be better photographers. Since I was so new at digital photography at the time (hey I was a film girl), was totally clueless of how to shoot a wedding…. I also didn’t really have a job after giving up teaching art in NJ haha so my job was to LEARN. I suddenly would find myself making my morning tea and heading right on over to the KJP blog to read her daily posts haha it really became a routine event (it still is today 4 years later haha). This really had a major impact on my business! This also led me to follow other amazing VA photographers that she had connections with in the area and well after a while I think I was following like 6 blogs daily lol. I’m not a book reader but I LOVE reading blogs!! I read tons of posts about timelines, lighting situations, what gear to buy, posing, workflow, shooting details, how to stay organized etc. This is basically how I learned the ins and outs of shooting weddings before evening shooting one myself. I know that sounds totally crazy but that’s how I learned.

So when 2014 rolled in, one of my main goals was to invest in a workshop. I was so beyond ready to take my business to the next level! Before I talk about why I chose Katelyn’s workshop, I think it’s so important that when choosing a workshop, you choose a workshop that is the best fit for YOU and YOUR business because workshops are a really BIG investment and you want to get the most out of your experience! There are so many workshops out there but for me, choosing Katelyn’s Workshop was the BEST fit for ME! Though I was a dedicated KJ blog reader that already learned so much however the amount of knowledge I’ve gained from her workshop was pretty unbelievable.

The workshop takes place in the comfort of her home and you have such positive energy all around you with so many amazing photographers was an experience in itself. Its the most ideal teaching environment to have because you feel so at ease. The workshop really helped me improve areas in my business that I felt was at a stand still or needed improvement. It also gave me the confidence to make some difficult business decisions so that I could really focus on what I’m the most passionate about. Theres a reason why I refer to Katelyn as the “Mother Teresa” of wedding photography because Her WORDS and presence are that POWERFUL. She is so down to earth and kind! We learned all of her behind the scenes secrets in lighting, posing, OCF, workflow, how she serves her Brides & Grooms so well and strides to give them the best wedding experience possible. She critiqued our websites/brands which was very helpful! We even got to shoot a beautiful stylized shoot and she took headshots of us all too!! By the end of day 2 I think we all felt like we had this special bond together. Its been fun keeping in touch with some of the ladies that I’ve met and seeing how well their businesses progressed since the workshop.

The Katelyn James workshop experience is something that I will never forget. It was amazing to be a part of and to finally meet this amazing person that has inspired me!

Workshop Credits

Florals and Styling | Amanda Veronee
Hair & Makeup | Emily Hudspeth, hair design and make-up artist
Vintage Rentals | Paisley & Jade
Calligraphy |  The Weekend Type
Paper Decor Design | Sweet Pear Paper
Cake | Fat Girl Cakes

Isn’t her house gorgeous!?!? Sadly I didn’t take many photos of inside but if you want to see just has talented she is at decorating, check out this post HERE & HERE!!!


Some photos that Katelyn’s husband, Michael took of us while learning.View More:

Some iPhone photos for ya of cute little Bokeh boy, the KJ Bridal Guide (mine is in the works right now for my brides) and yummy Lunch from Mosaic (they were also my wedding caterers)


And Katelyn took this one!!!

View More:

The Stylized Shoot!





Hands down of favorite bouquet shot EVER!!! I think I’m going to make in my cover of my Bridal Guide!!

Thank you Katelyn for this behind the scenes shot of me!!

View More:




Recognize this ring lol?


Katelyn showing us her “signature lean posing”


We had such an awesome group!!!

View More:

Some pretty headshots Katelyn took of me!!

View More:

The photos she took of me, honestly are my favorite photos that have of myself ever. And for someone that always pick her flaws out in all photos, its the greatest feeling to feel beautiful in a photo!!View More: More:


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  1. What a perfect way to spend a day! I met KJ at the CLIC conference last year – what a delight. Your headshots came out gorgeous!