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Homemade Salsa Recipe

Back in 2011 I through a big surprise birthday party for my husband, Rob while we were stationed in Virginia Beach. This was my first big cookout ever and I really wanted to go all out. If you know Rob then you know that he is crazy about Mexican food and has a crazy obsession for Chiplote, just as bad as my obsession for frozen vanilla yogurt with rainbow sprinkles lol.

A few days before the party I randomly decided that I was going to “try” to attempt to make homemade salsa lol, I say try haha because I honestly had no idea how it was going to even turn out. I’ve always been super picky with salsa. I don’t like salsa thats really soupy, green or that awful salsa that comes in a jar with chunks of tomatos thats usually on the chip aisle lol you know what I’m talking about.

After looking through a ton of recipes online to get ideas, I wasn’t really finding one that I loved so I decided to experiment with a few ideas and I’m so glad that I did. I wanted my salsa to be more of a pico de gallo with everything freshly chopped.


Ingredients You will Need:
4-7 Plum Roma Tomatos
4-5 Large Tomatos
1 Red Onion
Bundle of Cilantro
6 or more Cloves of Garlic
1 Jalapeño
2 Mild Salsa Packets (they are usually next to the tomatoes in the food store)
Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper
Season All
Garlic & Wine Seasoning (From the Melting Pot)

I have to warn you, this salsa making takes a lot of work to make but its so worth it in the end. My suggestion is to make the salsa in bulk x2 because it goes really fast or at least in my parents house it does lol. I love drinking a beer as I’m making it haha because well because I love beer and it makes the process better!


Yes, I know I cheat a little with salsa packets but to be honest I like how it tastes! Though you have to buy a cilantro bundle, you won’t be needing much of it.


I actually bought a microplane herb Mill to make cutting herbs super easy because I hate chopping it with a knife lol! You can buy one Here.


So the first thing that I do is chop up ALL of the tomatoes because it takes the most work lol. I would say 30 minutes to an hour. I use two types of tomatoes! Why? Because well it just tastes better!


**Make sure you own good knives before cutting up tomatos. The best knives to use when slicing tomatoes in my opinion is a ceramic knife. You can get a fairly inexpensive one at your local Target for about $30 and its totally worth it! I also use a big steel knife to chop too.



*Make sure you put your chopped tomatoes in a strainer (mesh screens are the best) after chopping. This is to prevent your salsa from being overly soupy. And while its draining, I will start chopping up everything else. I also will press down on the tomatoes with my hands to drain them even more.


Depending how much salsa I’m making, I will use maybe a half of medium sized onion or sometimes even less.

I use A LOT of garlic lol


After Chopping everything up, I will combine the tomatoes (after they have been drained), garlic, onion, & cilantro into a large bowl. Then I will add a very small amount of chopped up jalapeño to give it a little kick but if you love eating extremely hot salsa 1 whole jalapeño will do the trick lol. I don’t use any of the seeds that are in it though.

My key ingredients that I add in once all of the veggies are mixed together! I do everything to taste so its hard to say exactly how much I use but don’t go crazy on the salt though lol. I also add in the salsa packets at this time too.


Once I’m done, I will stick it in the fridge for about 4-5 hours to let it sit. My husband actually prefers eating the salsa the day after I make it because it has more flavor and the jalapeño makes it even more spicy.





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