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Charleston Destination Engagement Session

When you get to meet your couple for their engagement session in one of the most beautiful cities that happens to be on your bucket list also, you know its going to be magical! A few months ago when I posted on Instagram I was heading to Charleston in March to speak at a workshop and would love to shoot a session while there; Stephanie immediately shot over a message to me that her and Chet would be willing to drive down and meet me for their session! Umm can we say dream couple ahh!?! I just might have to post my travel plans more often now haha.

Stephanie and Chet live in North Carolina but their wedding is in NJ this October so planning a time to meet in NJ for their engagement session would’ve been a little tricky. Having them meet me in low country here couldn’t have worked out anymore perfect honestly. Stephanie is actually best friends with my good friend Heather and its been so great really getting to know her throughout this wedding journey. I totally admire how hard working and driven she is. She builds amazing farm tables, can flip houses and also look like a total model in her photos at 7:00AM. Crazy impressive right? But most importantly she’s someone that really treasures her friendships with people and has such a big heart. Chet you’re a lucky man!

To beat the St. Patricks day weekend crowd we opted for a sunrise session for their downtown Charleston session. We pretty much had all of the streets to ourselves yay! We walked around rainbow row, explored a few historic alleys and pretty houses before ending their session at the Historic Hampton Park where I was in moss heaven. I’m such a big lover of Spanish moss haha it might be an obsession shh. Theres just something so beautiful how it hangs on trees and the how the light shines through it. If you don’t quite get what I mean, just school down a little.

A little about their sweet love story…

“Chet and I met on June 29, 2016. It’s also the day I (Stephanie) like to claim that we started dating since I knew there was something special about him from the moment we met. I remember the day like it was yesterday – Chet was a substitute on the softball team I played on. He walked onto the field and I was immediately asking fellow team members who he was, what team he was playing for and, basically, for someone to introduce me. Lucky for me, Chet was not only the sub for my team but he played right next to me at 3rd base when I was the shortstop. There are so many things I so vividly remember from that night – Chet getting hit in the head with a ball that took a bad hop, me diving for a ball I knew I wasn’t going to get just to show off to him, the sweat and butterflies I felt when striking up the smallest bit of conversation and, most importantly, that this feeling was unlike anything I had ever felt. I tried so hard that night to slow down the pace I was packing up my bag just to match his. But, when I realized I just looked creepy staring at this guy waiting to finish packing up, I threw in the towel and headed to my car. About 2 minutes later after feeling defeated in my pursuit of the 3rd baseman, I heard a voice from behind say, “that’s some cut you got there.” Turns out my dive for the ball wasn’t for nothing! Chet caught up to me and we began chatting as he walked me to my car. Still not asking for my number, we took off in our separate directions. Come to find out, that evening when I got home, I had a text from a friend waiting for me that some guy on the team was asking for my number. I wish he saw the smile that was plastered on my face that night as I tried so hard to remain calm, cool and collected when I was waiting for that text. Fast forward to the next morning, I received a text that forever changed my life”…

Totally nailed the hip pop!!

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